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Extracurricular Activities

1. Student Association Activity
The student association in our Department holds many activities, such as welcome camps, singing contests, financial weeks, campus recruitment drives, and so on, which will help enrich your student life.

2. Financial Management Camp
This has become a tradition over the years, and the aim is to introduce college life to senior high school students, with a focus on financial management courses and games, so that students will obtain a better understanding of what college life entails, as well as gaining some basic financial knowledge.

3. Sports Competitions
Our department offers a wide range of sporting activities in which every student is encouraged to participate, including basketball, volleyball, billiards, softball, and badminton. The men’s basketball sport team has been especially successful, consistently winning prizes in the school sports competitions every year.

Department of Finance, NSYSU is Your Best Choice!
Providing students with the optimal learning environment is our first mission. Our faculty always show enthusiasm in their teaching and research, and will help students to enjoy both the courses and lifestyle on offer at NSYSU. We welcome you to join us, and so take the first step on your future career.