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Learning Environment

1. Perfect Location

National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) was founded in 1980 and is situated on beautiful Si Zih Bay, which is a well-known summer resort and one of the most famous spots in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan. Si Zih Bay is a sandy beach, with beautiful coral formations along the coastline and beside a richly forested mountain. The resulting fresh air inspires students to study the whole day. In the late afternoon, both students and local residents can be seen exercising on the campus in the light of beautiful sunsets.
A newly remodeled International Village has been established to accommodate the increasing number of foreign and exchange students at NSYSU. The dormitories have with 72 rooms, with equipment such as TVs, sofas, refrigerators, microwave ovens and washing machines and dryers. Furthermore, there is a convenience store, restaurant, post office, health center, dental clinic, book store, and laundry service all located on campus in the student center, thus making life more convenient and comfortable.

2. Excellent Equipment

The University Library is located in the central area of campus, on the second to tenth floors of the Info-Library Building. The Library has an area of about 18,000 square meters, and 1,280 reading seats. The facilities available for student study and research include nine group study rooms, 161 carrels for individual use. The Library has in-depth collections and materials to support the teaching, learning, and research efforts of the University. The Library has a wide range of materials covering subjects in the liberal arts, natural sciences, engineering, management, marine sciences and social sciences.
The Library serves as a designated depository with full coverage of government publications. It also subscribes to approximately 3,000 current journals and houses over 582,000 volumes of books and periodicals. The Library is keeping up-to-date with the tremendous expansion of information technology, both in terms of electronic resources and its daily operations. The Library’s online system is accessible from every part of the campus, and users are able to consult bibliographic information, search CD-ROM databases and a variety of online journals via their personal computers.