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Regulations for Leave Application and Test Resitting(20100615)

Guidelines for Undergraduate Students' Change of Departments(20180816)

Double Major Studies Guidelines for Undergraduate Students(20060803)

Guidelines for Undergraduate Students Selecting Minors(20190715)

Refunding Guidelines for Students Who Leave the University(20131016)

Guidelines for Early Graduation of Undergraduates for Excellent Academic Achievement(20170203)

Guidelines for the Five-Year Bachelor's and Master's Degree System(20130610)

Guidelines for the Study and Enrollment Status of Students Going Abroad(20131212)

Credit Transfer Guidelines for Professional Program Students(20030103)

Appealing Procedure for Review of the Semester Grades(20181210)

Guidelines for Granting the Book-Waft Award to Undergraduates(20140610)

Guidelines for Granting the Award to Outstanding Graduates of Bachelor Program(20120611)

Guidelines for Granting the Title of Honorary Student for Graduates for Bachelor Program

Guidelines for Direct Admission into Ph.D. Program(20171211)

Implementation bylaws for Ph.D. and Master Degree Examination(20140310)

Implementation Guidelines for the Qualifying Examination of Ph. D. Candidates(19970303)

Guidelines for Selection of Advisors(20040611)

Guidelines for Evaluation of Students’ Academic Performance(20180524)

Credit Transfer Guidelines for Professional Program Students(20030103)

Thesis/Dissertation Format Regulations(20150319)

Guidelines for Graduated Students Change of Major(20171219)